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Provider Wellness



The sites listed below offer anonymous online self-tests:

Anxiety - Mental Health of America
Burnout - Scientific American
Depression - Mental Health of America
Empathy - Greater Good Science Center
Physical Fitness - Mayo Clinic
PTSD - PTSD Association of Canada
Sleepiness - Epworth Scale
Stress - Mental Health of America
Substance Use - National Institute on Alcohol Abuse
Work-Life Balance - Canadian Mental Health Association

Who Can Help?

The Missouri Physicians Health Program (MPHP) is available to all Missouri physicians, and is designed to facilitate the physician's return to healthy, personal and professional functioning through early identification, intervention, treatment referral, long-term monitoring and advocacy. It is available to all Missouri physicians, physicians in training, and medical students.

The MPHP is legally and financially independent of licensure and regulatory agencies such as the BHA, BNDD and DEA. They are funded through participants and donors like medical staff organizations, hospital administrations, component medical societies, insurance companies and universities. Financial independence means objectivity and freedom to act in the participant's best interest.

Web Tools and Mobile Apps

Breathing - Breathe2Relax is a mobile app that provides guided breathing instruction through video and audio tutorials.

Meditation - Headspace is a mobile app that guides users through meditation sessions. Meditation has been shown to reduce depressive symptoms.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - MoodGYM is an online, 5-week cognitive behavioral therapy program proven to decrease suicide ideation in medical interns. Stress Gym is an online tool that includes 8 modules and step-by-step stress managment guides.

Suicide Prevention - Virtual Hope Box is a mobile app for suicide prevention that helps users with coping, relaxation, distraction and positive thinking.  Stay Alive is a suicide prevention app that provides customized safety plans, breathing and grounding exercise tutorials and an online discussion form.

Additional Resources

Women, minority, LGBT, new physician and International Medical Graduate resources - American Academy of Family Physicians

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