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Our Team

Boone Hospital Center's Supportive Care team helps care for patients and families living with a life altering or life threatening illness. It is composed of a two-person consultation team, as well as a larger multidisciplinary group. The consultation team consists of a physician who is board-certified in hospice and palliative care, and a registered nurse who has specialized training in end-of-life issues. The multidisciplinary group includes a hospital chaplain, social worker, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, a formally trained integrative therapy staff, a registered dietitian, a pharmacist, a respiratory therapist, anesthesia, hospice, and administration. All our team members have a special interest in supportive care and have had additional education in this area.

What Does the Team Do?

The Supportive Care team can help patients and their families in a variety of ways. Working with the patient's primary care physician, the team manages pain and other distressing symptoms through the use of medications and other therapies, provides emotional and psychological support, helps discuss end-of life issues, and develops treatment and discharge plans for chronically and terminally ill patients. Our consultation team visits patients and families daily from Monday through Friday. Social workers, chaplains and other team members assist in patient and family care as needed. Many supportive care patients return home with support from home health or hospice. A hospice nurse can visit the patient and family in the hospital, to help ensure a smooth transition to the home setting.

How is the Team Consulted?

Services of the Supportive Care team are available for patients at Boone Hospital Center who have a life altering or life threatening illness. A primary doctor's order is needed to consult the team. Our Supportive Care physician can assume full responsibility for management of the patient, or may serve as a consultant to the patient's primary doctor. The patient and family should be aware of the terminal or chronic nature of the illness, and should agree with the plan for supportive or palliative care.

Who Can I Contact?

To learn more about Boone Hospital Center's Supportive Care program, contact our Supportive Care Coordinator, or the coordinator can be paged through Boone Hospital's main switchboard at 573.815.8000, or reached at 573.815.6021.

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