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The motility system in the GI lab provides esophageal manometry, 24 hour pH monitoring, and interprets disorders of the esophagus especially when related to swallowing, acid reflux and esophageal motor function.

Endoscopic ultrasound enhances diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the upper GI tract by combining ultrasound and endoscopic technology. In select patients, endoscopic ultrasound — equipped with an ultrasound transducer on the end of a fiberoptic scope — provides superior images of the esophageal and gastrointestinal wall.

BHC’s video endoscopy system captures and labels images for analysis, documentation and for reference at a later date. This video endoscopy system enables access to past exams which can be obtained and displayed for comparison.

The M2A imaging capsule provides a non-invasive and painless system for imaging the small bowel. The system consists of the swallowable imaging capsule, an array of sensors secured to the abdomen, a portable data recorder and a computer workstation equipped with advanced image processing software. The capsule itself contains a miniature color video camera, a light source, batteries, a miniature transmitter and an antenna.

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