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Our Philosophy

The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program is an intensive educational/therapeutic group. Its focus is on how we can learn to take charge of our thoughts, feelings and behaviors, to correct mistaken beliefs, to heal wounds from our past and to learn to behave respectfully towards ourselves and others.

The program operates with the following beliefs:

  • Behavior serves a purpose.
  • We are responsible for our behavior. However, responsibility does not mean blame. Responsibility is the ability to respond.
  • We have the ability to influence and change our behaviors including our thoughts and feelings. However, we may not know how to yet. Nor will we ever become perfect at it.
  • We can change ourselves, but not others. Our behaviors influence and impact other, but do not control others.
  • Events and the behavior of others influence us but do not control us.
  • Some situation and circumstances are within our power to change, the rest we can learn to accept.
  • We can change or modify the impact of events and the behavior of others by the way we think and act.
  • The learning process requires active participation, asking questions, respectfully expressing disagreements, goal setting and practice, practice, practice with a lot of failure in the process.
  • If what we are doing isn’t working it is probably time to try something different rather than the same thing harder, longer or louder
  • Failure is feedback, not about us, but about our method, timing and the situation. Failure can challenge us to better understand the problem and develop new and creative solutions. Through the “Courage to be imperfect” we grow more, learn more, do more.
  • Psychotropic medicine is rarely the total solution to emotional or behavioral problems. However, it can be helpful and sometimes necessary in overcoming or dealing with a problem

While there are operating principles of the program one does not need to hold these beliefs or fully understand them in order to enter or participate in the program.

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