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Laboratory & Lab Draw Locations

The laboratory department at Boone Hospital Center provides routine, emergency, and esoteric testing for patients in the community we serve. Services are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The laboratory departments are staffed with nationally certified clinical technical specialists, medical laboratory technologists, medical laboratory technicians and histotechnicians. These positions are supported by lab technicians, lab assistants, phlebotomists, and clerical support personnel. Medical direction of anatomic pathology and the clinical laboratory is provided by Boyce and Bynum Pathology Professional Services, Inc.

The laboratory engages in strict quality assurance programs to ensure proficiency and precision of testing and results. The laboratory also has a program for monitoring and developing quality indicators, plus ongoing process improvement initiatives.

Our lab draw locations include:

Temporary changes: Our Moberly location will be closing at 3:30 p.m. until Friday, August 21.  Our Broadway Medical Plaza 1 location will be closed from Monday, August 24-Friday, September 4.

Boone Hospital Center
1600 E. Broadway, Main Registration
Columbia, MO
Open Monday-Friday 5:30 AM – 9 PM
Open Weekends 7 AM – 9 PM 
Ph: 573.815.3197 Fax: 573.815.3283

Broadway Medical Plaza 1
1601 E. Broadway, Suite 140
Columbia, MO
Open Monday-Friday, 7 AM to 3:30 PM (temporary)
573.815.5278 • Fax: 573.815.3323

Broadway Medical Plaza 2
1605 E. Broadway, Suite 220
Columbia, MO
Open Monday-Friday 7 AM – 5:30 PM
Ph: 573.815.5420 Fax: 573.815.5419

Broadway Medical Plaza 4
1705 E. Broadway, Suite 380
Columbia, MO
Open Monday-Thursday 8 AM – 5 PM and Friday 8 AM-3 PM
Ph: 573.815.5435 Fax: 573.815.5433

Columbia Medical Plaza
303 N. Keene St, Suite 102
Columbia, MO 
Open M-F, 7 AM to 5:30 PM
573.815.5277 • Fax: 573.442.1677

Nifong Medical Plaza
900 W. Nifong, Lower Level
Columbia, MO
Open Monday-Friday 7 AM – 5 PM 
Ph: 573.815.6597 Fax: 573.815.6598

Boone Hospital Moberly Medical Plaza
300 N. Morley Street, Suite A
Moberly, MO
Open Monday-Friday 7 AM – 5 PM 
Ph: 660.269.8522  Fax: 660.269.8529

If you need more information call us at 573.815.3345.

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General Information: 573.815.8000
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