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Reel Compassion
You couldn’t have asked for a better summer day. It was July 12, and the high was forecast to be in the 80s. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Days like this are a gift in the midst of the sweltering Missouri summer, and Jeff Troyer of Jacksonville knew exactly how he wanted to spend it — fishing with his grandson Tyler at Rothwell Park in Moberly. 
Partners In Health: Charlie and Kathy Digges
Most 96-years-olds aren’t taking float trips and golfing on a regular basis, but Charlie Digges isn’t your average 96-year-old. Charlie and his wife, Kathy, work out every day they can, either at their local gym or by taking walks near their home.
Slashing Sodium
Ever wonder why you can’t stop thinking about a specific food, like a juicy cheeseburger or fries? Your body craves what you eat, so the more you eat certain foods, the more you potentially crave them. Often we crave foods that are laden with fat, sugar and sodium.
October Employee of the Month loves making connections at Boone
“I love people,” Cheryl Johnson says. “I love meeting people. I love working with people.”

Cheryl is definitely in the right place -- as a telecommunications operator, she works with and assists internal and external callers and may talk to hundreds of people a day.
September Employee of the Month helps others "be the best they can be"

Our September 2015 Employee of the Month, Melinda Boice, has been with Boone Hospital Center as a physical therapist for over 20 years. 

Marinara Sauce

When I want to make marinara I look for Roma tomatoes because they have a lot of “meat” and less seeds and juice. But I personally think cherry tomatoes are the prettiest so I Instagram those...

Take A Break!
In 2012, Parade magazine ranked Columbia, Missouri No. 1 on its list of America’s Hardest Working Cities. While the people of mid-Missouri have a remarkable work ethic, there can be too much of a good thing — frequently working overtime and not taking days off actually results in less productivity, not more. 
Caring Voices

In 2014, Boone Hospital Center’s switchboard received 544,291 calls, which works out to a call every 62 seconds for a year, an impressive number for a small team of professionals. Like the hospital’s inpatient and emergency care services, the switchboard doesn’t close for the night, weekend, holiday or snow day — it’s an essential part of patient care. 

Free Screening, Priceless Outcome

Ron Gladbach was careful. As a longtime farmer and someone with a family history of skin cancer, he knew he was at high risk. He often checked his skin for signs of cancer, focusing on areas frequently exposed to the sun, like his face and ears. 


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