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“Well hey, why frown?” Maddy Norvell, November Employee of the Month

Salads, hot meals, pie, snacks, coffee, ice cream — there many wonderful things at the Boone Hospital Center cafeteria. But one of the best things about the cafeteria is that Maddy Norvell works there.

Nurse strives to take the fear out of surgery

Coming to the hospital for a surgery creates anxiety for many patients, especially first-timers.

Fortunately, Boone Hospital Center has nurses like Joni Cupp to help make patients feel comfortable and put their fears at ease.

A new weight class — Boone employee honored after losing 90 pounds

One night last year, Aaron Buran had a revelation while watching a UFC fight on television.

It was a heavyweight bout featuring the sport’s strongest hulking fighters. Despite their size, Aaron was surprised to discover he was actually larger than all of them. The weight class tops out at 265 pounds — he weighed 266.

Caregiver puts himself in patients’ shoes

Serving heart patients is a passion for Boone Hospital’s Justin Boese.

Justin has had two close family members die of heart disease and his brother required heart surgery at a young age. With his experiences, he can understand what patients are going through.

Thanks to staff member who went “that extra mile”

After a 92-year-old gentleman completed his IV hydration at 2:30 p.m., he was escorted to the door (garage door exit) via wheelchair where he assured the staff he could get to his car on his own since “it was just across the street.”

Nurses love serving patients in Boone Hospital’s Emergency Department

Boone Hospital Center’s Emergency Department is full of outstanding staff members like registered nurses Callie and Andrea.

Employee’s service goes well beyond his job title

Jeff Reul’s name badge may say “Diet Tech,” but that job title only scratches the surface of his work at Boone Hospital Center.

Nurse loves serving patients in cardiac rehab

As she helps patients recover from heart surgery, registered nurse Marla Jones enjoys watching them regain strength and learn to live healthier lives.

Breast cancer survivor has sights on fitness

In September 2011, Heather Parnell started her new career at the Harris Breast Center at Boone Hospital Center. Six weeks later, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Senior accountant looks beyond the numbers

As a Senior Accountant, Gina Cox finds joy in investigating what’s behind the numbers, ensuring Boone Hospital Center’s financial books are in good order.


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