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Got The Winter Blues?

After the excitement of the holidays is over, it’s normal to feel underwhelmed returning to the daily grind, especially with several months of cold winter weather ahead of us. But some people feel more than a post-holiday letdown. For people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), the change of seasons brings a change of mood.

The Skinny On Dieting
Fad diets surround us on social media, on magazine covers in the checkout aisle, on radio ads, on TV talk shows, and in books written by celebrities. They can be hard to ignore if you want to achieve a healthy weight. To figure out which popular weight loss diets are sensible and which are less so, we asked Boone Hospital WELLAWARE registered dietitians Jennifer Anderson (listed as JA), Kelsie Knerr (KK) and Jennifer Tveitnes (JT) for their views. 
Free Screening, Priceless Outcome

Ron Gladbach was careful. As a longtime farmer and someone with a family history of skin cancer, he knew he was at high risk. He often checked his skin for signs of cancer, focusing on areas frequently exposed to the sun, like his face and ears. 

WELLAWARE Group Fitness Classes Can Help Improve Your Strength and Coordination

Boone Hospital Center WELLAWARE offers a variety of group exercise classes, including yoga and Zumba. Each class is adaptable to all levels of interest, age, ability and vocation.

Made with love: Consider these healthy ideas this Valentine’s Day

Have you ever noticed how each holiday, year round, has its own iconic sweet treat? Halloween has candy corns, Easter has Peeps, Christmas has candy canes and not to be left out of the festivities, Valentine’s Day has Sweetheart candies.

Twelve ideas to help you stay healthy during flu season

The 2013 flu season has begun, and while it is still early in the season, cases have already been reported in the U.S. Winter gatherings can bring together people who are vulnerable to the cold & flu virus.

Routed to recovery — Fast response saves Mexico handyman from stroke

Down in his basement workshop, Russ Haerer holds his latest project. It’s a dovetail joint for a cabinet drawer.

It looks beautiful — but Russ isn’t satisfied.

Despite the bad reputation, some fats offer health benefits

Fat is a nutrient necessary for your health. However, they often get a bad rap.

Like any food in our diet, making the right choice when picking fats can make all the difference. Adding healthy fats to your diet can offer health-protective benefits. Consider adding these fats — in moderation — to your diet.

Sun, Skin and SPF — Prevention and education help fight skin cancer

More than a million Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer each year. As you head out into the sunlight, remember that although the sun’s rays might feel good on your skin, it is important to wear sunscreen to protect your skin from potential damage.

Finale event for Kids on Track is Thursday, August 8

The finale event for the 2013 Kids on Track program will be Thursday, August 8 at the Gordon Shelter at Stephens Lake Park.


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