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Celebrating our Administrative Professionals

Boone Hospital Center's administrative professionals are experts in customer service, communications, tech support, project management, conflict resolution,  event planning and more! Each employee possesses a unique set of soft and technical skills and brings their individual experiences and passions to their job to support their teams. Meet three of our outstanding administrative professionals!

From Stress Test to Life-Saving Stents

One patient’s journey with coronary artery disease.

Oatmeal Raisin Blueberry Cookies

Dietitian Kelsie Knerr shares a Pritikin Kitchen™ healthy oatmeal cookie recipe! 

Rocky Rhythms

Electrophysiology specialist Dr. John Verbsky performed a procedure that helped get John Weston back on the golf course.

Quinoa Black Bean Burgers

Dietitian Kelsie Knerr shares her health black bean burger recipe!

It’s Worth DOING

Boone Therapy helps people with lymphedema successfully manage their condition.

Fixing Heart Failure

Missouri Heart Center’s Mark Stampehl, MD helps Mexico, Missouri native through his journey with congestive heart failure.

Feta Veggie Dip

Dietitian Kelsie Knerr shares a healthy veggie dip idea! 

A Plan for Mid-Missouri

John D. Miles, MD, a surgeon with Columbia Orthopaedic Group, knew there had to be a better way to provide and pay for health care than traditional insurance plans. He wasn’t alone; Dr. Miles and other physicians from Boone Hospital Center’s medical staff joined forces to offer mid-Missouri employers a new option.

Riding A Horsie Into Surgery

Boone anesthesiologist calms a young surgery patient and her family.


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