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Boone Hospital Center’s Pain Management Clinic Trials Groundbreaking Drug-Free Pain Management Technology

Boone Hospital Center is trialing a new device that uses electrical impulses to block pain signals from traveling from the spinal cord to the brain, potentially eliminating the need for pain management drugs like opioids. It is the first hospital in mid-Missouri to do so.

Spicy Enchilada Spaghetti Squash Boats

This recipe has a nice balance of carbs (the starchy squash), non-starchy veggies (onion, spinach, mushroom, jalapeno), and protein (cheese, chicken). I like the simplicity and how it can be a surprisingly quick recipe if you are good at multitasking in the kitchen. Feel the freedom to switch up the veggies, use rotisserie chicken, and/or use whatever kind of cheese your heart desires.

Nutritious Beet Hummus
Beets don’t have the best reputation because many people say they taste like “earth” …so basically dirt. But they are gorgeous and in my opinion have the potential to be delicious with the right preparation. Raw beets have a crunchy texture that turns soft and buttery when they are cooked and their greens are similar in taste and texture to Swiss chard.
Nurses Rank #1 Most Trusted Profession for 15th Year in a Row
The American public has again ranked nurses as the professionals with the highest honesty and ethical standards, according to a Gallup poll released today.  The annual poll marks the 15thconsecutive year that nurses have been ranked the most trusted out of a wide spectrum of professions, including medical doctors and police officers.
CDC notifies hospitals of potential risk involving device used in open-chest surgery
As part of our commitment to patient safety, BJC wants to share important information with patients about a potential infection risk that is affecting hospitals across the U.S. and around the world.
Roasted Cauliflower Soup
Although the name only mentions cauliflower this soup is basically a vegetable free-for-all, it has a bunch of colors and textures and in turn one serving boosts 240% of your daily needs for vitamin A, 140% of vitamin C, and 30% of your calcium needs. 
Comforting Mind And Body
As the weather begins to cool down, often our kitchens begin to heat up. Warm, filling comfort foods fill our stoves and ovens.
Pregnant, With Cancer

There’s really no rhyme or reason to pregnancy symptoms. Morning sickness, fatigue, food aversions — as far as anyone can tell, it mostly comes down to luck.

As she carried her first child earlier this year, Tanna Niemeier seemed to have especially bad luck. She found herself suffering a painful hemorrhoid outbreak — a problem some moms face while pregnant.

Helping Athletes One Player At A Time

When Southern Boone High School senior Trint Lederle injured his shoulder weightlifting, he didn’t know his injury would jumpstart a desire for a career in medicine, but it did.

Trint tore his labrum while weightlifting with some of his fellow soccer players this spring. The injury caused him a lot of pain and limited his movement and ability to be as active as he liked.

Gynecologic Oncologist Sara Crowder, MD Ranks In Top One Percent Worldwide
Gynecologic oncologist Sara Crowder, MD recently performed her 1,000th surgery using the da Vinci surgical system. For the past two years, Dr. Crowder has performed more of these types of surgeries than anyone else in Missouri and is in the top one percent worldwide. Boone Hospital Center acquired the da Vinci system, which offers 3D imaging and 360-degree movement of instruments, in 2011. It allows surgeries to be minimally invasive, leading to shorter hospital stays and quicker recovery times.

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