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Barbara Weaver: "This feels like home."

When I first walked into Boone Hospital, I will never forget thinking ‘This feels like home.’” says Barbara Weaver, chairman emeritus of Boone Hospital Center’s board of trustees. 

May Employee of the Month says, "We're all a big family."
Administrative coordinator Jessica Basinger says the best part of her job is spending time with her kind and compassionate coworkers.
Boone’s Multidisciplinary Team Helps Save Centralia Woman From Stroke

Each week, Sandra and David Eppinger get together with Sandra’s sister for a game of Scrabble. Competing in a game like Scrabble requires knowing thousands of words. Strong spelling and lexical creativity will also give you an edge.

Yet one day, as Sandra, 75, showered before her sister arrived for the game, all her words suddenly disappeared.  

Hearing Again
For children who are learning to read, the English language is full of tough challenges. Many words contain tricky silent letters. Other letters are pronounced differently depending on the word, requiring students to learn context clues to get the right sound. There are also homonyms — words that sound the same but are spelled differently. And that’s just a few of the pitfalls.

So as her students practiced their reading, sounding out the words aloud, Carol Milhollin listened very closely. 

Boonique Gifts Offers Unique Items, Personalized Service

The call came from California. Dee, the gift shop assistant who took the call, talked to a woman whose childhood friend was staying at Boone Hospital Center. The caller’s friend was not going to recover.

Five Reasons to Thank Our Nurses
There are more than just five reasons to thank our nurses; in honor of National Nurses Day we encourage you to think of the impact that a nurse has had on your life.
A Mother’s Influence

They pulled up to the hospital at 11 a.m. With no air conditioning, the car was sweltering hot, but she did not mind. She was just excited that her dad let her come along to pick mom up from work. But as the minutes passed by, the excitement dwindled.

Greeted with thoughtfulness, genuine concern and caring

On Dec. 9, 2013, I presented at the Radiology Department for a CT scan at 9 a.m. Upon my arrival, I was greeted by the most friendly, and caring person that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in recent memory, with respect to my last several doctor’s appointments and evaluations.

A new mother’s gratitude: “Thank you for saving our baby”

I was 32.5 weeks pregnant and at Boone Hospital, where I work, on an ordinary Monday when my coworker Nancy Schuenemeyer emailed me to ask how I was feeling.

A caring teacher — Educator helps Boone Hospital prepare for the future

Education is a big part of health care.

We work each day to help our community members understand how to make healthy choices. When people come to the hospital, we educate them about their ailments, describe our treatment plans and inform patients about what it will take to get better.


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