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Savor the Flavor of Eating Right

Herbs and spices can add extra flavor to your favorite dishes, without adding extra calories, sodium or fat. 

Have Your Bread – And Eat It, Too!

Most people find themselves asking “Should I eat bread?” Boone Hospital WELLAWARE dietetics intern Sherry Mankofsky has the answer.

Healthy Eating: Am I Doing It Right?

healthy, balanced diet isn’t just good for weight loss; it can give you energy, keep your body in good working condition and enhance your workouts. You may have resolved to eat healthier this year but don’t know where to begin or what you really need to do to eat healthy. Boone Hospital WELLAWARE registered dietitians Jennifer Anderson (listed as JA), Kelsie Knerr (KK) and Jennifer Tveitnes (JT) answered our questions.

How About These Apples?

WELLAWARE registered dietitian Kelsie Knerr shows how making healthy choices can be easy and fun.

Valentine’s Day Treats

At the end of every year, we navigate our way through the holiday season, constantly attempting to dodge the food that is thrown our way. They pass, and New Year's Resolutions come, where we adamantly dedicate ourselves to healthy habits.  By the end of January, we are finally getting back on track.

Then comes Valentine's Day.

The Skinny On Dieting
Fad diets surround us on social media, on magazine covers in the checkout aisle, on radio ads, on TV talk shows, and in books written by celebrities. They can be hard to ignore if you want to achieve a healthy weight. To figure out which popular weight loss diets are sensible and which are less so, we asked Boone Hospital WELLAWARE registered dietitians Jennifer Anderson (listed as JA), Kelsie Knerr (KK) and Jennifer Tveitnes (JT) for their views. 
Slashing Sodium
Ever wonder why you can’t stop thinking about a specific food, like a juicy cheeseburger or fries? Your body craves what you eat, so the more you eat certain foods, the more you potentially crave them. Often we crave foods that are laden with fat, sugar and sodium.
Fizzy Facts: How Soda Affects Your Health
In this article, a BJC Medical Group physician quenches your thirst for more information about the health implications of drinking soda.

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