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Boone Hospital Center’s Pain Management Clinic Trials Groundbreaking Drug-Free Pain Management Technology

Dr. Brad Noble, DO, FAOCPMR

Boone Hospital Center’s Pain Management Clinic Trials Groundbreaking Drug-Free Pain Management Technology

On 26 Jan 2017, in

Boone Hospital Center is trialling a new device that uses electrical impulses to block pain signals from traveling from the spinal cord to the brain, potentially eliminating the need for pain management drugs like opioids. It is the first hospital in mid-Missouri to do so.

Brad Noble DO, FAOCPMR, a physician at Boone Hospital’s Pain Management Clinic, has made the device, Nevro Senza, available to his patients. Dr. Noble is a quadruple board-certified pain management physician.

It is estimated that 100 million people in the Unites States suffer from persistent pain, with the majority of these painful conditions being felt in the back and legs.  This technology offers a drug-free form of treatment to longtime sufferers.

Unlike traditional spinal cord stimulation devices, which deliver low-frequency electrical pulses to mask chronic pain with paresthesia -- sensations commonly perceived as tingling, prickling, pins-and-needles, or vibrating. Nevro Senza’s high-frequency HF10 therapy delivers pain relief without these sensations.

Additionally, the FDA's approval of HF10 therapy came with a label of superiority over traditional spinal cord stimulation therapy – the first and only device of its kind approved with this rating.

“This new high-frequency stimulation represents a big leap forward in the management of persistent pain. As a pain management specialist, I’m extremely excited to bring this new spinal cord stimulation treatment to bear on conditions such as neck and back pain, arm and leg pain, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, complex regional pain syndrome, and chronic pain following neck and back surgery,” says Dr. Noble.

The CDC has recently determined that the use of chronic opioids is not supported in medical literature as an effective therapy for long-term treatment of persistent pain. HF10 therapy provides an opportunity to reduce or potentially eliminate the need for chronic opioid use. 

Call 573.815.2700 to make an appointment at the Pain Management Clinic. 

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