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One Reason

From left are Wanda Roberts, Chaplain Chuck Barsamian and Sally Welch.

Helping People Help Patients - One Reason To Give

Wanda Roberts has a special place for Boone Hospital in her heart, especially the chaplains.

When her mother was hospitalized for an infection, Roberts was working full-time. She spent as much time with her mother as possible, but she hated leaving her alone in the hospital. Since her mother was in isolation, visitors were scarce. One group of men were not scared — the chaplains at Boone Hospital Center.

“They visited her, prayed with her and did puzzles. They were there for her, which meant a lot to me because I was working full-time,” said Wanda.

Roberts and her family were so impressed by the dedication of the chaplains and the comforting way they treated her family, she decided she wanted to give back.

In 2003, Roberts began giving monthly to the Boone Hospital Foundation. She specifies that she would like the donation to benefit the chaplains’ work through Spiritual Care Services.

“I want to be able to help them help people; that’s my gift,” said Roberts of her donation.

Roberts believes the chaplains’ work is essential to the quality care received at Boone Hospital.

“It’s not being modest; it’s just something I’m supposed to do,” explains Roberts. “The chaplains are an important part of the hospital.”

Roberts and her mother still visit Chaplain Chuck Barsamian each time they come to the hospital. They chat like old friends. He’s appreciative of their donation, and they are thankful for his service.

The guidance and spiritual care the chaplains provided made a lasting impression. Each month, she knows exactly where her foundation donation is going.

“A lot of times the only contact people have with the Lord is at the hospital,” said Roberts. “I do it as a Christian.”

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