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Shared Decision Making is the structure that empowers nurses to express and manage their practice with a higher level of professional autonomy.


Nurses at Boone Hospital Center are empowered to lead.  This empowerment has never been more important as new initiatives are incorporated into their daily routines and decision-making. Nurses are expected to advocate for each other and for their patients and families. Through Speak Up programs, they are encouraged to identify and report safety concerns and their own needs for education. They are supported as they learn more efficient ways to deliver care through use of standardized and evidence-based practices.

Regardless of the job title or the setting, all nurses advocate for resources (people, finances, technology) and participate in the evaluation and development of action plans for process improvement. This work is conducted collaboratively by nurses and other members of the health care team in a large variety of nursing and medical staff committees and councils. Nurses ensure communication is appropriately directed and fluid across all levels and settings – inpatient, outpatient, interdepartmental and organizational – to ensure the best collective outcomes for patients, staff and the organization. 

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