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Nomination Form

The primary purpose of the Employee of the Month Program is to recognize those employees whose job performance and overall contribution to Boone Hospital Center is deserving of this award. Any employee of Boone Hospital Center may nominate another non-leadership employee for Employee of the Month.

Nominations are considered active for six (6) months. Fill out the form here.

Standards of Excellence

  1. Commitment to all Staff. Be a good team player 
  2. Attitude. Positive and Enthusiastic 
  3. Responsiveness. Exceed the customers expectations 
  4. Sense of Ownership. Be accountable 
  5. Communication. Communicate with everyone in a timely, direct, truthful, respectful and kind manner 
  6. Change. Be open, supportive and adaptable during changes in the work place 
  7. Privacy. Maintain confidentiality 
  8. Appearance. Adhere to the organizational dress code 
  9. Safety. Minimize risk for all individuals both personally and environmentally 
  10. Coaching. Compliment those who adhere to the Standards of Excellence and coach those who do not
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