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Employee of the Month

Randa McEuen, RN

General Medicine nurse Randa McEuen is known for her positive attitude and her ability to connect with her patients.

She first came to Boone in 2015 when she and her husband moved to Columbia from Illinois. She says she has loved her coworkers and getting to know her patients. Her passions include establishing relationships with those she is caring for and getting to know them on a deep level. 

Randa’s nominator says, “Randa is a team player that always puts the patient first. She goes above and beyond for her patients! She works side by side with her techs and other nurses by lending a helping hand or communicating efficiently. Randa always promotes safety and privacy to her patients. She provides comfort to patients with difficult situations. Randa remains level headed and clam during stressful situations that allows the patient to trust her with their care and allows her co-workers to lean on her when needed. She comes in with a positive attitude and greets her patients with a smile! This floor wouldn't know what to do without her!”

Randa’s clinical supervisor gave an example of her excellence in her field; “She has been absolutely unbelievable with her determination to help get a very sick and difficult patient back to the best baseline possible. She has advocated for this patient and pushed this patient to increase his abilities to get off tube feeds, increase mobility and self-cares. Randa has brought this patient from a difficult placement to any facility due to his situation to acceptance to our own Boone Rehab. The strides that this patient has made have been largely due to Randa and her persistence to help this patient recover. Her dedication has been off the charts. I can only pray if I have a loved one ever have a situation like this patient that they would be lucky enough to have a nurse as dedicated to their well-being as Randa has been. “

Congratulations, on earning employee of the month Randa!

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