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Employee of the Month



Emergency department nurse Laura Schneider is known for her dedication to her patients. She has been a nurse since 2009, and has been at Boone in the emergency department since 2013. Laura previously worked at Christian Hospital in St. Louis.


Laura says the best part of her job is leaving work knowing she gave her all to her patients. She is passionate about effectively communicating with them. Laura is able to comfort patients during stressful situations and answer all of their questions so that they feel informed.


Her nominator says, “Laura is quick to make each patient feel comfortable. When appropriate, Laura makes her patients smile and laugh during their visit. She focuses also on each patient’s visitor - making sure to offer water, coffee, or even a warm blanket to a tired family member. Laura communicates well with physicians and is quick to predict what a physician may need. She creates a safe environment for our patients and remains professional & precise at the bedside.”


Laura’s manager Beth Edison notes the mentorship and support she provides to her coworkers; “Laura advocates for her team. Laura is the go-to person in the best possible sense. She is a fierce friend, while inspiring for optimal emergency departmental operations. Laura’s personality draws the team to her, she does an outstanding job of balancing formality and friendliness. …  Laura fires up her co-workers so difficult shifts are not so burdensome, and we are re-committed to our goals and objectives and vision. Her optimistic demeanor sets an example for others to follow.”


Laura says she was shocked to learn she was employee of the month because she feels she works with so many deserving people. She says her team is all like one big family, and it is a joy to work with her friends.

When Laura is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband boating and camping. Laura and her husband are expecting a baby boy in September. Congratulations, Laura!


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