Diabetes Self Management

Boone Hospital Center’s WELLAWARE Diabetes Self-Management Education Program offers the latest specific diabetes health information for individuals with diabetes and their family members. We believe that knowledge and understanding of diabetes is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and reducing the risk of medical complications.

The WELLAWARE diabetes program is certified by the American Diabetes Association. This elite certification symbolizes the programs excellence in meeting the national standards for diabetes self-management education. As an ADA certified facility, Boone Hospital Center is eligible to bill Medicare for Diabetes Self Management services.

Services The WELLAWARE Diabetes Self-Management Program offers the following services:
  • Type 1 and 2 classes 
  • Refresher classes 
  • Gestational classes 
  • Insulin therapy initiation or change in therapy 
  • Impaired glucose tolerance (pre-diabetes) education 
  • Insulin pump therapy 
  • Continuous glucose monitoring 

The healthcare team conducts these educational services, which are designed to help you understand, cope and live successfully with diabetes. Depending on your needs, education is provided in a class or on an individual basis in our outpatient facility. Take Action If your doctor is not aware of our program, we invite both of you to contact us by phone at 573.815.3870.  Most insurance plans and health maintenance organizations cover diabetes education. If you have questions regarding coverage, contact your insurance representative via phone or website. A physician referral is necessary to enter the Boone Hospital Center’s diabetes management program.

Remember, you are the most important member of the team and Boone Hospital is dedicated to helping you learn to live with diabetes through self-management.

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