The first step for all patients to enter our program is to attend an informational seminar. In the mean time it is important that you be doing the following:

  1. Contact your insurance company and determine your plan has a benefit for weight loss surgery.
  2. Call to register for an upcoming weight loss surgery seminar.
  3. Complete and return application to the seminar.
  4. Gather all weight loss records and documents. Many insurance companies require documentation of at least six continuous months of a physician supervised weight loss program.
  5. Begin making healthy food choices and begin to make lifestyle changes such as starting an exercise plan. Any weight that you can lose before surgery is very important.


Once you have established that you meet the criteria for weight loss surgery, we suggest researching the surgery treatment options available.  Currently Boone Hopsital Center provides Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding and Sleeve Gastrectomy procedures.

Please feel free to call us at 573.815.6466 if you have any questions or concerns about information on this page or if you wish to have an informational brochure sent to you free of charge.   

Register for a seminar.

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