Lactation Consultants

Can you still breast feed if you have a premature infant? Of course you can! Did you know that the breast milk a mother produces for her premature infant is specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of a premature baby? Of course it is!

Boone Hospital Center has Lactation Consultants on staff who make regular rounds through the Intensive Care Nursery to help mothers with the challenges of breastfeeding a small or sick newborn. Many premature infants are not able to breast feed right away because of immature suck and swallow reflexes. Mothers are able to help those infants, however. The Intensive Care Nursery has two private and comfortable breast feeding rooms available. The rooms have breast pumps so that mothers can express their breast milk. The milk is then fed to the infant through a small tube until the baby is ready to nurse at the breast.

After mothers are discharged from Boone Hospital Center, the Breast Feeding Warm Line is a valuable resource whenever questions about breast feeding come up.

The Breast Feeding Clinic is open three afternoons a week so that Lactation Consultants can work closely with any mother who has breast feeding problems. Simply phone 573.815.6290 and a Lactation Consultant will answer your question within 24 hours.


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