Know Your Numbers

Your numbers are an important gauge of your overall health, yet many mid-Missourians have no idea how they add up. This is where the Know Your Numbers mobile health unit comes in. A gift from the Boone Hospital Foundation and Board of Trustees, the vehicle travels our communities, providing free health screenings and educating community members about their results. Knowing your numbers equals a healthier you — and a healthier mid-Missouri for all of us. 

Health screens provided include total cholesterol, blood glucose, triglycerides, HDL and LDL, blood pressure and body composition analysis.  For best results, 8-12 hours of fasting before screening is recommended.

Our Know Your Numbers mobile health unit also provides free skin cancer screenings from May through August each year. Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in the United States, but early awareness and detection can make a difference. A registered nurse conducts the skin cancer screening. If anything potentially abnormal is found, you will be encouraged to follow up with your primary health care provider or specialist of your choice for further examination. (Please note that our skin cancer screenings are not intended to diagnose abnormal moles or lesions.) 

Our Know Your Numbers mobile health unit travels all over mid-Missouri. To find out when we'll be in your neighborhood, check the event calendar to the right. The mobile health unit is also available for scheduling by organizations for on-site events.

The Know Your Numbers mobile health unit and skin cancer screenings are both made possible thanks to Boone Hospital Foundation

For more information on upcoming events, please call 573.815.5050.