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Boone Hospital Center Awarded Highest CME Accreditation Level

Boone Hospital Center has achieved the highest CME(Continuing Medical Education) accreditation level, according to MSMA's Commission on Continuing Education. MSMA has awarded accreditation with commendation to only 15% of its accredited CME providers. This honor, ''Accreditation with Commendation," is awarded to accredited entities that demonstrate full compliance with all 22 accreditation criteria during a rigorous accreditation process. All accredited entities must comply with the criteria which address the purpose and mission of the organization, education and planning, and evaluation and improvement. To receive commendation, the entity must also demonstrate that it effectively uses CME as a tool to improve quality performance and health outcomes, and that it collaborates with internal and external stakeholders to further quality improvement. This special recognition extends Boone Hospital Center's accreditation term as a provider of continuing medical education from four years to six years.

Robotics hands-on open house and educational event

July 16, 2014

Presented by Jennifer Roelands, MD; Sara Crowder, MD; Jake Laks, MD and Clay Mechlin, MD

BHC conference center B and C
1600 E. Broadway, Columbia, MO

10-noon open house, hands on experience
noon-1 CME/CNE lunch and learn
1-3 open house, hands on experience

Lunch is provided


RSVP to Judy Feintuch
Phone 573.815.3498

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