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Cognitive Behavioral Treatment

The Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (CBT) Program was established at Boone Hospital in 1994 and includes a multi-disciplinary staff of mental health professionals. The program offers brief, intensive outpatient therapy for individuals who wish to increase their coping strategies and stress management skills in dealing with acute stressors. Intensive treatment is also available for those dealing with long standing psychiatric disorders including mood disorders, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and chronic medical conditions. Persons with personality disorders have benefited as well.

The CBT staff work as both therapists and teacher in a collaborative process with participants to help them identify and understand underlying belief systems and behavioral patterns that support their problems. New coping strategies are developed to overcome current difficulties and to avoid or minimize future ones. During their participation, individuals learn a variety of coping tools such as problem solving, thought management and meditation.

Skills training includes assertiveness training, social skills, relaxation, Tai Chi, frustration tolerance/anger management, communication, yoga, mindfulness training and decision-making skills.

Specialty topics depend upon the unique needs of the client, e.g., medical conditions, chronic pain, biofeedback training, and traumatic memory containment and reprocessing.

Role playing guided imagery and reworking childhood experiences are typical CBT group interventions. Participants are encouraged to extend their learning beyond the group with homework assignments and experiential tasks.

Aftercare, at no cost, is provided for those who complete the six-week core program.

The program operates four evenings each week and includes dinner. Participants meet Monday through Thursday from 3-7 PM.

For more information on Boone Hospital Center’s Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Program or to make an appointment or referral, call 573.815.3620 or 573.815.3740.

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