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Employment FAQs

How long does the hiring process take?  

It can take a few days to several weeks, depending on the type of position and the number of applications received.

Will I be contacted about my application? 

Applicants who receive an interview are contacted.  Those who are not selected to receive an interview will see their status on their application page change to “no longer under consideration.”  If you have had at least one interview, but are no longer under consideration, you will be contacted either by mail or email.

What if I don’t want to log back in to view the status of my application?  Can I just call HR?  

Only our recruiters know the status of each application, and they are often in an interview and cannot take a phone call.  The best way to find out the status of your application is to view it online.

How many jobs can I apply for? 

While there is no limit, our recruiters recommend you only apply for three at a time.

There are three positions listed that are exactly the same.  Should I apply for each of them? 

No, you do not need to apply for each position that is exactly the same.  If you apply for one, you will be automatically be considered for all.

But what if they are different shifts of the same position? 

If the position is the same but the shifts are different and you are willing to work in either shift, please apply to both of them.

If I’m hired, what documentation will I need to provide? 

A driver’s license or photo ID will be needed to complete your health screen. A Social Security card is required to complete some of your background checks. You will need to show licensure or certification required for the position, if applicable.  Because of the lengthy time to get new cards, you may want to apply for anything you need now, rather than waiting until you have been offered the position.

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